Nubble Light, York Beach, ME

When I was eight or nine years old, I started reading WIRED Magazine. From then on, I became hooked on technology. New gadgets, trending websites, and anything to do with the future. My love for tech drove me to learn as much as I could about computers, phones, tablets, software, etc. When I needed to know something, I turned to Google and taught myself. My quick learning and easy mastery of concepts allowed me to fill my brain for years. I have dabbled in basic robotics, iPhone game programming, and animation. I am now working on web design and photography.

As a child, my parents deprived me of video games and limited TV time. As a result, I learned and loved to read at an early age. I remember forgoing nap time in kindergarden to read books. My second favorite place in elementary school was our library (beaten by the computer lab), which was filled with books of all kinds. Today I simply have a Kindle, which I bring everywhere. I enjoy Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, as well as older classics.


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As of now, my blog page is partially dedicated to my AP Lang blog assignment. I informally discuss movies and TV episodes that I watch, usually including a summary and an insightful point or two. They can be new movies, old movies, or anything at all. I’ll spill my thoughts onto text for as many movies as I can. Hopefully I can also continue writing after the class is over.