iPhone 5s – 48 hour review

[ 0 ] November 1, 2013 |

Apple-event-69After almost a month of waiting, I’ve finally gotten my new iPhone. Since the 5s was released, Apple neglected to restock their stores. I checked daily, waiting for my local stores to get their new shipment. When they finally got it, I immediately ordered it, and picked it up in the store the next day.

I decided to get the Space Gray model over the nifty Gold because of the front panel. The front of the Silver and Gold is white, which I don’t like so much. I prefer the black front, so I had to go with the Gray back. I got the 64 GB model, like my previous 4s, because of my huge music library (25 GB+ of music). I was also very happy to get a new pair of earbuds, which I have enjoyed so far.

The iPhone 5s is a great upgrade from my 4s. The first thing that I notice is that it’s much thinner and lighter than the 4s. The back is smooth metal, like the 5, and that gives it a beautiful look and a smooth feel. After I restored my data from  a backup of my old phone, I quickly realized how much more space .5″ of scree gives you. I had more space for apps, a bigger keyboard, and lots of screen real estate for browsing web or checking emails. When I picked up my 4s to erase the settings, It felt so small compared to my 5s.

After a day of use, I also noticed how much faster my 5s is. Animations and movements are smooth and beautiful on the bigger screen. Colors seem to pop more, and text is crystal clear. I also noticed that I now had 4G LTE, which is blazing fast. A speed test told me I was getting 10+mbps with only three bars. I started disconnecting from my school’s wifi because my LTE is faster. It makes email and browsing faster than ever, and downloading apps is a synch.

Now for the controversial part: I decided to not buy a case. Some people may think I’m crazy, but I’d say they’re paranoid. Being made of solid aluminum, the back of the phone is not going to get damaged. The glass front is protected by the metal, and is much more resistant than many think. Since the phone can hold it’s own, I didn’t want to bulk it up or weigh it down with a case. The smooth aluminum is meant to wear and that give it a beautiful weathered look. If you are careful with your phone, you won’t drop it, and a case is unnecessary.

I know I am behind the bandwagon, and this same paragraphs could have been written about the iPhone 5 last year. But I skipped that model, so I’m writing now about the 5s. It was a big and much needed upgrade for me. I can’t wait to get to use it more in the coming years before I eventually turn to Android. I’d bet my next phone will be a Google Nexus in 2015, but until then I will thoroughly enjoy my iPhone.

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