I occasionally write poems for fun. I usually write poems for school. Either way, I find poetry a great form of writing, and fun to read and create. Some of them are long, and others are short and simple. The content usually depends on the reason for writing or my mood. For example, my assigned school poems are longer, and my personal ones are generally shorter.


Eternal Sunsets
Twilight Descending

Two romantic poems written with conflicting views on the same scene.

A Mirror Always tells the Truth
Small Pointless Things
Time in a Bottle

Honesty on the Wall
The Smallest Part of Nature
A Storm in the Night

Six poems, three pairs, with one in the style of Emily Dickinson, and one in the style of Walt Whitman. One pair has the same view on the same subject, one pair have different views on the same subject, and one pair is freestyle.

The Great Gatsby

A poem about the scene where Jay Gatsby is shot from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

End of the Wood

A portfolio of poems to practice meter and rhyme.


Shorter poems done as in-class writing.



Zombie Poem

A poem written from the point of view of a brain-deprived zombie

Dead Cats

A poem about a klutzy man and his cats

Mac Sleep

A poem inspired by an indicator light on my Macbook

Study Hall Haikus

Haikus done for fun in free time. Subjects recommended by classmates.

Through a Forest

Various other poems written on the spot by forgotten inspiration.