Deep in the bottom of the ocean lies

A sunken city hidden from all eyes

Deeper than the deepest light cuts the sea

Where the creatures without eyes love to be


Far in the chambers of this lost city

Lies a treasure to make a man giddy

Protected by underwater wildlife

With thick skin and teeth sharper than a knife


This treasure lies in the legends of men

From the field of grain to the mountain den

The women tell the children of the gold

Leftover in the sea from days of old


So one brave man with a lust for treasure

And a love for water beyond measure

Decided to go look for the lost gold

To look for the treasure and fame untold


He braved the elements from home to sea

Through an ancient forest past the old tree

Over the wide desert of dunes and sand

Traveling far and wide across the land


Soon he arrived to the widest blue sea

And found a boat of the highest degree

He filled his giant tank with fresh clean air

And jumped from the deck and swam without err


He swam to the deep as the light faded

Deep where the rocks have never been dated

And found the city on the ocean floor

The lost remnants of an ancient war


He swam through the chambers looking for gold

Surviving the depths and braving the cold

Yet he was unaware his air was low

And his limited time he did not know

Soon he found the hidden room in the back

And in that dark back room he found a plaque

That told him of the great danger ahead

If he continued his submarine tread


He continued on ignoring the sign

And traveled deeper into the brine

Ever closer to his impending doom

Deeper and deeper into the dark gloom


Soon he arrived to a wide-open space

All the old traps still waiting in their place

They swam by them without a second thought

But look at his air supply he did not


At the end of the hall he saw a glint

Like a piece of gold on a piece of flint

He swam closer to the end of his trip

A sum of gold, be it only a tip


As he swam close to the massive gold hoard

He began to think he was like a Lord

But the feeling was short-lived in his mind

For water without air is not too kind


He quickly forgot about all the gold

For a breath of air he could not get hold

Within a minute he was not alive

And to eternal sleep he did arrive


And now the brave soul is forever lost

And the lost treasures found at such a cost

But no one will know and no one will care

That the riches of old are still down there