Twilight Decending

The long day descends into the dark night

Revealing an emptiness left by the day

As the sun falls below the blackened earth

The distant wolves begin to bark in fray

The wide musky purple expanse of sky

Is splattered with a gooey orange light

Leaking from the rapidly sinking sun

Leaving us in twilight, the time of fright

When ghosts appear to ones who mourn the dead

And creatures crawl from the dark forest trees

After hiding from people the whole day

To hunt and to haunt in the cool night breeze

That same nightly breeze chills me to the bone

It makes me wish I were at home asleep

Where nightmares that haunt me are merely fake

Yet the fear that holds me is much more deep

But here I am outside with the sunset

The light feebly attempting to escape

The relentless line of the horizon

That seeks to hide the sun like a big drape

Soon the colors will fade into darkness

Now most people will rest their weary eyes

The day has finished its long tiring work

And gives one final ray before it dies

In the earth it is buried, like us all

We die after years of back-breaking sweat

The days die after hours of sunshine

Only to be reborn in the daily minuet

Dancing slowly until the end of time

Repeating the endless cycle of life

Hopelessly trying to do their own role

In ridding this world of its constant strife